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Ultra Duty Onboard Air System
Ultra Duty Onboard Air System Ref: 20001
Introducing the world’s first 200 PSI onboard air system meant to save you time & money. Just like all of the VIAIR Onboard Air Systems, you can easily take the guesswork out of getting all of the parts you'll need to install an all-inclusive onboard air system. The VIAIR Ultra Duty 200 PSI Onboard Air System comes complete with a 480C compressor rated to 200 PSI maximum working pressure. Also standard with the Ultra Duty OBA is a 2.5 gallon air tank that is truly rated to 200 PSI working pressure, as well as every single fitting and electrical part you will need to get your 200 PSI system installed perfectly. All VIAIR Onboard Air Systems come with complete instruction manuals that will have you wondering why you didn’t upgrade to Onboard Air sooner. (For vehicles with 37-inch tires & larger.)
*Please allow 10 days for delivery for this kit*

Price: 559.47 (671.36 Including VAT at 20%)